Hi, I’m @hossg. I’m a senior technologist in the Financial Services industry, currently working at Montagu Private Equity as the CTO.

I’ve been passionate about technology since I was a young kid, and as I’ve grown I’ve discovered I’m most interested in the intersection of technology, people and process in addressing real-world business problems.

Most of my career seems to have been as a trouble-shooter: being asked to tidy up team-, process- or technical design-issues left behind by others, usually at the same time as trying to build a new business or transform an existing one. Green-field it isn’t, but it makes for a real challenge in having to balance competing demands and manage compromise across organisations.

At heart I’m a developer, having started out with BASIC and z80 assembler, spending a bunch of time with the Motorola 68000, and then graduating to x86, C, C++ and Java via a brief detour with Delphi! In recent years most of my time has been with Node.JS and Python, but who knows… I think Typescript may tempt me soon!